Sion Dining @ Ara Damansara

I’d probably say this is Ara Damansara’s best kept secret. Unknown to many, it presents itself as a Japanese-French restaurant along of one the main streets, yet in a discreet manner away from the public’s eyes.


First up is this mushroom dish which was served with bread! Almost tapas like, except the sauce is more like an olive oil.


I then had hamburg steak which was so good! Nice and tender, flavourful and juicy at the same time. They serve it with some sauces but I quiet enjoyed it on its own.


Trust me, when I say their katsu sando is a MUST order. It essentially is a pork burger chopped up into 3 sections. But what made it good was the nicely toasted and buttered buns! This is how I like to have my katsu sando!


Since I still had space for some desserts, I went ahead with their Japanese pudding. It tasted more like a creme brulee minus the torched part, not sure what Japanese pudding was supposed to entail but it was good!


The only downside for me was the ambiance, it was really dark. Apart from this bar, the restaurant had many sections and t hey sort of partition your table from other guest. It feels like the Japanese style of being more private and reserved. I would say this place is not suitable for large gatherings, probably a group of 6 would be at max.

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