Nobu KL @ Kuala Lumpur

Recent dines and tries in Kuala Lumpur! While I know they have been around for awhile now and are not ‘new’ in town, they’re having a monthly premium selection for two for the price of one… it just felt like it was meant it’s time for a visit.

Their menu changes on a monthly, what I had was the November special which is available daily except Friday & Saturdays.

First up – Moriawase

Oyster Maui Onion Salsa, Scallop with Black Goma Dressing, Yellowtail with Crispy Shiitake in Yuzu Miso


Loved the oyster with onion salsa which masked the ‘fishy’ smell, scallops were yums and yellowtail was refreshing (I love everything yuzu!!). The scallops were add-ons and it had a very different flavour profile, almost like having it with a black sesame paste.

Next – Chef’s Sushi Selection


This to me wasn’t a stand out. I had better sushis at other omakase spots before. Also wouldn’t be fair to rate it based on that as this is a fusion restaurant. I did love the unagi out of all four choices which was a surprise as I don’t gravitate towards that on a usual basis. The unagi was charred to perfection!

Next – Black Miso Cod (Nobu’s Signature)


There’s an option to upgrade this to Lobster with Yuzu Butter at a fee but since this is their signature, I chose not to upgrade and I made the right choice! This by far was the best of the night, I’ve only ever had cod steamed with soy sauce (Chinese style), and I loved the flavour profile of miso which went very well with this. The while and pink stem which is part of the presentation actually serves as a palate cleanser at the end of this meal, so well designed yet functional!

Last mains – Wagyu Short Rib Shabu Shabu with Goma Truffle


This was yums!! But the beef for me was a tad too fatty for my liking, almost like having bacon (which I don’t like).

Last but not least – Sweet Tacos


Chocolate, green tea & raspberry. I love my desserts so much I wish there were more! Best way to enjoy this is to have them all in one bite for an explosion of flavours and texture. The dish is meant to be eaten from left to right, chocolate first which was not too sweet, followed by green tea and then raspberry which was the sweetest of them all.

Overall, 8/10 dining experience at Nobu KL, minus points as the restaurant was freezing. I had to insist I wanted to move to another table before they switched the AC off…. When I first asked, their staff told me its centralized and can’t be switched off. Only when I insisted to change to another table, they switched it off….. I don’t understand this at all.

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