3 Hours Hike: Kota Damansara Community Forest

This would be by far my furthest trail. 10km & 3 hours later, I deserve a good rest.

The hike itself isn’t a challenging one. Its uphill ascend is very gradual for 90% of the journey. It’s the last 10% which is steeper and requires more effort / pumps up your heartbeat.


At the peak! You’re supposed to be enjoying a view of the highway (lol) and city. The view / end point for me wasn’t great but I quite enjoyed the hike cause it was relatively easy! You won’t need hiking sticks here but I saw a few people who brought them along. Areas which are slightly steeper will have ropes for you to hang on to and that should be enough.

the-nat-channel-natventure-kota-damansara-community-forest -treking

This is one of the two “steeper” area. Pro tip: come earlier around 7am. There isn’t a lot of people when I was going up but when I was making my way back down, I had to wait for awhile as there’s only one way up and down.


Look! Pretty flat trail and very easy route. I would say this is very beginner friendly in terms of difficulty but the journey of 1.5 hours might be challenging for some as it becomes 3 hours in total from beginning to end.


At the peak! Not sure what’s the obsession with the highway but I thought this background looks better.

Happy hiking!

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