Restart by Slo @ Kota Damansara

Only a couple of weeks old, this new kid of the block was surprisingly busy even though I got there before 11am.


Excuse the chair, I was too lazy to move it to take the perfect shot.

The interior of the cafe does feel quite ‘cold’. Probably a futuristic / edgy aesthetic.


One thing to note, the menu here is very limited. Out of probably 5 kombucha’s on the menu, they only had 2 and this cafe supposedly specialized in kombucha apart from sourdough and rice bowls (which I did not see on the menu)


Also limited food menu, this is their pulled pork. Pork was good but for a place which specialized in sourdough, I wasn’t a fan of the bread at all. It was way too hard, almost difficult to chew it off.


This is their pork sandwich which is supposedly a signature. Not sure if it’s me or does this look…. sad? :/ Could have looked better with a few slices of greens to give it some colour.

Similar to the pulled pork, the bread was way too chewy for a sourdough bread. This was particularly even more chewy as the patty did not have ‘gravy’ that the pulled pork had to soften the bread. In layman’s word, dry.

I think this cafe still need heaps and bound of improvement. Service was also quite slow even though I was next in getting my food, still took about 20+ minutes or more.

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