Mizu Bistro @ Bangsar

Hello, I’m new in Bangsar! While it’s name has the word ‘bistro’ in it, I think it is more accurately a cafe. Not just interior wise but also its menu.


See what I mean by it looks more like a cafe?


For starters I got a mushroom soup but it only came when I was halfway through my mains which really defends the purpose of having a starter. Also I had to remind their wait staff 2 times before this came so… I’m not if they forgot my order or what.

Overall soup wasn’t a standout but maybe I was annoyed from asking and waiting as well.


Here’s my very basic order of an avocado toast. I think this was pretty good and nicely presented! Again, nothing special to shoutout but it feeds the needs of my avocado toast expectation.

And last but not least, another basic order – fish & chips. Which was also alright, not a standout but definitely wasn’t bad either.

Overall the food here are of decent good level and good price point for a cafe in Bangsar as well. The bill was under RM70 including a drink. Would come back for their affordability if I want a decent cafe food.

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