Sticks N Maki @ TTDI

New day, new place!

This time, I forgot to take any interior pictures because it was my first dine out post vaccination, lol. I really forgot how to do this and taking pictures was…. something I have not even done in a long time.

So I found this new-ish Japanese restaurant in TTDI and I just knew I would like it because they had rolls AND skewers!!


Here’s one of the rolls! I sat at the counter seat so I had front-row seat seeing the chef preparing them for me, :’) I can’t remember the name of this but it was delish! If I’m not wrong, this was the soft-shell crab.


Also ordered a portion of shishamo which was really nice and crispy! Like really fresh type.


So I really like skewers, yakitori style. And I honestly couldn’t decide what I wanted so I ordered a set which came with their recommendations plus rice and miso soup! Without going into details, they all tasted really good in general, like it had the right burnt flavour, savory and sweet.


So the only thing I didn’t enjoy was chicken skin, personal preference! I generally don’t eat chicken skin at all. The others were really good!

10/10 would return to try out more rolls, those were my favourites here!

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