Bukit Kembara Hiking Trail @ Ampang

This trail is not for beginners & kids below 12.

Continuing my hiking tales and adventure, I ventured to Ampang and had a good morning hike and was breathless, panting, sweating but it was all worth it.

The trail itself isn’t very long, instead it was an uphill and downhill battle. Some steps were knee high and some even thigh high. Not trying to scare anyone, but if you have knee problems you might want to skip this trail.

The shrine is your starting point. Take a left and up you go. There isn’t any formal entrances or fees for this but if you were to Waze there, they would bring you here.


Look at how steep it can be, but don’t be scared! Definitely do-able, just take your time.


After about 30 minutes uphill, you will arrive this midpoint where you can take a break and rest before taking another 30 minutes downhill trail towards the lake. The timing depends on how fast, slow or how much breaks you take in between but it would be roughly 30 minutes each way.

The view at the mirror lake which awaits after your downhill journey. The journey downhill will feel like an easy trail after the battle uphill. One tip: do not plan a trip here if it rained the night before. As it is, it is already steep. When it rains it will be slippery and even more challenging than it already is.


You can take a walk around the lake, rest assured, it’s a flat ground and definitely enjoyable breath of fresh air. There’s hardly anyone who pulls up a mat and sit here for a picnic, but there are some spots which you can do such!


It’s quite scenic and beautiful!


Hiking during the endemic is definitely different from the normal. This trail in particular isn’t too busy or crowded as you can see in the photos. People who were hiking on this trail were also very friendly, most people would usually say hi and good morning, making it less stressful and tiring going up hill.

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