Broom @ Taman Paramount

New day new cafe. I actually found this place when they first opened but never visited because they only allowed take away at that point. Once they allowed dine in, I zoomed there (only to be like everyone else).

I visited this place on a Friday afternoon. They only allow 1 hour maximum per table but because there wasn’t anyone else “waiting” for a table, I was not asked to leave but I would imagine on weekend that would be the case.


I honestly didn’t take the most flattering picture but this is reality not IG pictures where people come at 10am in the morning for an empty shot.


The F&B offerings were very typical cafe type. One thing to note, you can change your dairy milk in your drinks non-dairy milk at no extra charge. That was probably what I loved best! Because I hate milk and if it was not for that, I would not have ordered my matcha latte.


There wasn’t a pastry which was particularly good or bad. I had the hojicha croissant, lemon tart and berry pastry which were all alright but wasn’t to die for. The pastry itself wasn’t as flaky as I would like it to be but I still overall had a great dining experience here as the staff were all super nice.

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