Surround Yourself With People Who Lift You Higher

I am a true believer that who you surround yourself with impacts the journey of who you are and who you will become. For me, the best people I’d like to be around are those who inspires me – strong, passionate, positive spirits whom will join me on this quest in life to grow and be happy.

As a Sagittarius true and true, I am optimistic, spontaneous and lover of life. I love new adventures, experiences and generally down for anything new, which might also mean I can be careless and irresponsible without an eye for detail or thinking through a situation.

With my happy-go-lucky traits / characteristics, I bounce of energy from those around me and God forbid I surround myself from Debbie Downers and negative spirits. I love being around people and thrive on the energy I get from a brunch or night out with friends. It’s the positive attitude that gets rub off on me and the constant motivation you get from those around you. Some people call it the hyping those around you but I see it as a snowball of positivity.

They encourage me to chase my dreams, push boundaries and never let anyone tell me I am not good enough. Every step of success I take is celebrated with big congratulations and their pairs of lending ears ever ready when I hit a roadblock .

It’s nice to have people who are excited for you. Those who are not sour, jealous or filled with competitive spirits amongst one another. As I grow older, these are things I value in friendships as it no longer becomes how easily you can get along with someone or if their aesthetics and hobbies matches yours.

When you surround yourself with people who lift you higher, you tend to have more self confidence and the doubts you initially had slowly fades. You would channel your energy to make sure your dreams are materialized instead of harping on all the ‘what ifs’. The goal seems more achievable than before even without making any additional effort yet an you refuse to quit because you have an army of cheerleaders behind you whom you want to make proud.

Someone once told me to have faith in myself. To many extend, we are the harshest critiques of ourselves. We tend to forget that we are capable because we are so used to the notion that there’s always room for improvement. Moving in this face paced world, it is them who reminds us we are enough and that’s the type of spirit I need to lift me higher.

While I still believe in my motto of “what’s meant to be will be:”, it helps to be surrounded by those whom supports and encourages, making it easier to pick yourself up as and when you’re hit by a block.

The process is a two-way street. When you uplift those in your corner, they will do the same for you and in many different ways allowing growth to happen in both. Here’s to those who have been around for all the highs and lows, I hope you know you’re a gem in my life.

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