PRIME @ Le Meridien KL

Not your Amazon Prime but even better 😉

PRIME is not your new kid on the block, in fact quite the opposite. Opened its doors roughly under two decades ago with several awards under their belt since, it is an old crowd favourite for the best cuts of meat. Between fine dining and a steakhouse, it meets in the middle with a refined plating resembling of a upscale restaurant while specializing in steaks.


Starting with some assorted bread and tomato, onion and unsalted butter spread. Love love love the tomato and onion butter spread.


Truffle ravioli with almond butter. Good flavour but the ‘skin’ was slightly thick.


Ceviche – sous vide octopus with cilantro, chili, lime and orange. Quite a refreshing bite but some might not like it because it is served cold and the cilantro could be strong for some.


Lobster bisque – creamy lobster soup with a golden crust. I love this! Reminds me of the chicken and mushroom pie at Dome which I love as well. The ‘golden crust’ pastry was nice and light, perfect pairing for the bisque.


120 days pure corn fed Argentinian Ribeye served with onion rings, roasted sweet potato and asparagus (and a side of sauce not in picture). I’m not your biggest fan of steak but I do like this one which doesn’t give me a chewy after taste making it difficult to digest. In fact, it was very easy to eat and the sweet potatoes were extremely sweet!


Salmon in miso paste with kumara (sweet potato) puree. Another delicious main course you could order if you’re not a fan of steak.

Overall the food has good standards but the interior of the restaurant is slightly dated and in dire need of a facelift. The high price point with outdated interior doesn’t quite justify the worthiness but thankfully the food is good!

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