Jing Ze @ Section 17

I’ve been wanting to try Jing Ze for awhile now and FINALLY had a chance to dine out again so off I go venturing interesting F&B concepts in town. They identify as a contemporary Asian restaurant and I think that is quite fitting based on their menu.

I opted for their Kitchen Menu which covers some of the chef’s signatures and seasonal flavors.

Starting with Irish oysters with tamarind dressing. This is my second encounter of having a tasting menu with oysters served and me being a non-oyster fan, fail to inform the staff about it and have to deal with this. Honestly not as bad as I imagined it to be but I am certainly not a good judge for this.


Next is chicken wings loh mai kai & chicken liver parfait. I nearly fainted when the waiter told me what they were because again I don’t eat loh mai kai or chicken liver. I went for the chicken liver first and it honestly tasted better than expectations. It was served on a sourdough bread and had a spread of blueberry jam beneath.

Then, I picked up a wing and went for it – it was DELICIOUS. Honestly I didn’t think it would work together but it was so good! They have essentially removed the bone, fill it with loh mai kai and coat it in a thin batter before deep-frying it. This is creativity at its best.


Next up, tuna gohu with mustard sorbet. Oh goodness gracious again, I do not eat mustard and it seems like everything being served to me contains ingredients that I don’t fancy. I was told this is an Indonesian inspired dish by the waiter and thinking to myself, it can’t be that bad because I love Indonesian flavors.

Lo and behold, it exceeded my expectations – again. It didn’t have any disturbing mustard taste that I would have otherwise spat it out and it was surprisingly refreshing.


Grilled pork bossam with kimchi

I’m not too familiar with what bossom is but when they brought this to the table, it smelt SO GOOD. Eaten by wrapping it in lettuce and topping it with sambal, it was the perfect combination. The pork was grilled and charred to perfection, also like a char siew but even better.


Red snapper in Johor laksa sauce.

Contemporary Asian dining at its finest. I’ve never had this combination before but it was SO GOOD. The red snapper was nice and crispy on the outside and paired really well with the creamy Johor laksa sauce. This was definitely my favourite of the night.


Wagyu beef with burnt onion and zippy cabbage.

This was my least favourite of the lot. The beef was not tender enough, in fact it was too chewy and became to eat with taking a gulp of water each time.


Banana and apple pie with peanut butter ice-cream

Sound’s as good as it taste! Definitely approve this and the inside of the pie isn’t chunks of apple or banana, instead its in a puree form which was different yet works well for this dish.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. I came in without any expectations and picked the Kitchen Menu to ensure I was tasting the chef’s signatures and specials which certainly did not disappoint.

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