Topshelf @ TTDI

This restaurant identifies as a casual French dining restaurant which I usually with stay away from due to unfamiliarity with French food (apart from croissants and macaroons) but after giving it a shot, I think it’s a safe bet for anyone who feels the same as me and are looking for a western restaurant. To me it was an unpretentious restaurant which serves good food and that’s key for ne.


I love me a fat juicy escargot but this wasn’t as fat as I’d like, fortunately it was nice and buttery with garlic. I also had the watermelon salad and soup of the day. I think they can be a little bit more generous with melons after naming a dish after it.


Black Angus Striploin. The portion was rather generous I must say. Served with a bed of beans and fries, it’s a generous serving and great if you have a large appetite.


Duck confit with mashed potatoes and salad.


Grilled chicken. I think this portion is slightly imbalance as there’s hardly any greens, in fact none except for some onions and mushrooms.


Pan seared fish. I think the presentation of this could be improved / tweaked.

Overall, the food is good and unpretentious like I mentioned earlier. I would say its quite a suitable place for birthdays and gathering if you’re looking for somewhere casual and not upscale. Portion sizes were good as well and price point not too high!

Only downside is, it is located in a very quiet side of TTDI which in the evening is quite secluded and the only eatery on the block.

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