Christmas Themed Afternoon Tea @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

I know, I know, we’re in January why am I talking about Christmas which is over. I was just slow in putting this together but better late than never.

By now, my perception of high tea / afternoon tea in Malaysia is almost at an unrateable level. I guess you can say I have lost all hope for this niche in this country.


Okay let’s get into it! Intercontinental KL is famous for their 3-tier (drawer) high tea and during festive seasons it is just enhanced with a themed dessert.

It comes with a pot of tea (loose leaves) and I picked a rose flavored.

Starting with the last two drawers:

Clotted cream & potted jam which is to be paired with raisin & plain scones. Honestly didn’t like the clotted cream, just tasted very much different from my expectations and the scones were just alright. I don’t like nor hate it.

In to the first drawer:

Its a drawer of savories which is unmemorable. I don’t remember there was any specific one which stood out. It was mediocre at best even though the menu sang praises with fancy ingredients of caviar, truffle butter and salmon roe.


Top tier:

Best looking & tasting tier of all – the sweets.

The set came with:

  • two Christmas minced pie (the only one I ate this festive season) which was a little too sweet for my liking
  • a candy cane fat-caroon (a fat macaroon) which was extremely sweet and almost left me toothless
  • two pistachio mousse and apricot compote with ginger bread crumble, filled in a Christmas bell – this one I love!! Finally something which was not too sweet and had mix of texture and sourness in a bite
  • two chilled cheese with strawberry jelly on shortbread crust – also loved!! it’s in a shape of santa’s belted tummy.

Overall I think it’s definitely one of the more affordable high tea places in KL as this set can be shared by two. While not outstanding, it is still of decent offerings!

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