Gooddam Christmas Menu 2020 @ The Hub

If you’ve been following my site, you might have seen that I’ve been here before last year, you can read about them here. I’m genuinely a fan of their food and I’m back here this year for their special Christmas Menu (available until 3rd Jan 2021).


In picture, Monte Bianco welcome snack & Smoked corn polenta bread. Don’t ask me what they are in layman’s terms hahah. All I know it is good and I loved it!


For appetizers, there’s local asparagus & zucchini and pistachio or salmon crudo with crispy potato and basil. I loved the salmon so much! It was perfect combination with the crispy potato and every bite was very enjoyable. The asparagus on the other hand was also not bad, it was diced into smaller pieces and each of it had a crunch.


Something I have been meaning to try for awhile now, 7-day aged duck breast. It definitely lived up to my expectation. Crispy skin, soft and tender duck breast. Served with a side of chocolate lentil, truffle and balsamic juice and pickled beetroot. The chocolate lentil was an interesting pairing to say the least. Each slice of duck had a smoked mushroom in between.


If I had to choose a favorite for the night, this HAS to be it, the duck scarpinocc. It’s freshly handmade pasta stuffed with duck (I guess you can say it’s like a ravioli) served with assorted mushrooms, roasted hazelnut and butter sauce. The sauce was really REALL well done, if it was up to me, I’d like a big portion of this because it was that good.


For desserts, it was salted coconut panna cotta with mango compote and Christmas cookies of which both are equally yummy but the cookies stood out as it tasted coffee-like and was absolutely not sweet.

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