Miyabi @ Sheraton PJ

I was searching for omakase Japanese restaurant in PJ and I could hardly find any, except for this (there’s also not many reviews about this place).

The problem with omakase restaurants is that, it is scattered in the heart of KL and for those living in sub-urban areas in PJ or Subang, you won’t be able to find one unless you brave the traffic and take a 30 minute drive into the city.


Led by Chef Tetsuya Yanagida, he is only here at the restaurant from evening onwards for dinner. Having settled in Malaysia for over 20 years and was previously attached to Shangri-la (Zipangu), Hotel Nikko and Intercontinental, this was his first Marriott International hotel.

Let’s get started with the meal:



A mixture of fresh and fried fishes.



Assorted sashimi & uni. Love, love, love the thick, creamy, rich, buttery and sweet uni which ends this platter on a really nice note.


Light soup with vegetables and fish. I found the fish to be very boney, probably better to remove it and not serve it at all in the soup.


Tuna wrapped in pickled daikon. I really liked this, really refreshing. Didn’t expect the pickled daikon to be super flavorful.


Foie Gras with winter melon. This is personal preference, I’m not the biggest fan of foie gras because I don’t particularly like having the liver of any animal. It is definitely an acquired taste.


Here’s the side of pickles which the following sushi is served with. There’s papaya, ginger, bamboo shoots & lotus roots.

Where do I begin with these beautiful babies?

Favourite hands down would be the scallop and chutoro. I love love love smooth and sweet it tasted on its own. Chef Tetsuya glazes a little bit of sauce over it before serving and it is absolutely divine, you don’t need any extra soy sauce.

Japanese rice topped with tuna, ikura and uni. Everything I love in a mouth! It was topped with wasabi (not what I love) so I picked it to a side hahaha.


A5 wagyu beef, self sizzled and enjoyed with a dash of salt! I loved the ones in Shin Nihon but I think this is better!


If you love seafood, you’re going to love this pan seared scallops and prawns. Super tender, juicy and flavorful. It honestly looks very substandard but it taste better that it looks!


100% yuzu ice-cream. Again, this looks very substandard and nothing to shout about, but the flavours come through better than the presentation. Chef said this is made in house and he uses 100% pure yuzu. The ones which are sold in supermarket usually only content less than 10% of yuzu.

Omakase is roughly around RM350-RM500, probably one of the cheapest entry price points in Klang Valley. Usually others will start from RM370++. Also plus point for it being in PJ, catering to those looking for an omakase spot outside of KL!

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