Gure Cafe @ Ara Damansara

Thank goodness this is an online platform so I don’t have to embarrass myself trying to pronounce the name of the cafe hahaha

I was rather pleased that there’s a new cafe in the neighborhood for me to discover apart from frequent revisits to Foremula & Underscore Coffee.

As a mushrooming sub-urban area, more cafes in the neighborhood seems fitting.

On trend yet classic minimalist interior.

Drinks: Mocha & pure matcha

When I saw pure matcha on the menu, I knew THIS WAS IT.. When they confirmed with me again, that it’s no sugar and no milk, I’m like yaaaaaas definitely what I wanted because I hate how most matcha drinks have milk in it. It’s quite bitter but because that’s what I expected, I was a-okay with it.

Food: Chocolate au pain & cheese croissant

Both of them check the ‘flakiness’ box and it’s not bad but I won’t say it’s to-die-for. I would say it’s quite decent and I would re-order.

The cafe has quite limited menu, beverages and a couple of pastries without any brunch menu (or maybe not yet because it is still new). Good spot for afternoon tea with friends!

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