Little Bourke @ TTDI

If I had to draw some similarities, this place gives out a similar vibe to Blonde but on a smaller scale with better food quality. Feels like its kind of a hidden gem because not many know about it but in reality it sits on the main road so it’s not hidden after all.


Eggplant fries.

I loved these and I’m not even a fan of deep-fried stuff. Didn’t feel too oily and it was served with a side of mayo-sriracha sauce (or something of similar taste at least).


Avocado Toast

For basic people, like me. Honestly my first impression of this was that the portion & presentation is so sad. Would have a more ‘wow’ impression if it was served with a side of greens or something, instead of literally just toast.

Happy to inform that it taste better than it looks!


Linguine Carbonara.

I’m a fan! It has cured salted egg cream on top of it and plentiful of mushrooms. Also, doesn’t feel like it’s too filling, but still better to share to fully enjoy it without getting sick of just one dimension of flavor.


Extremely on-point interior with the millennial pink, love love love!

Good food, price point and in a pretty setting.

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