Birdland & Fat Cow @ SS15 Courtyard

I have walked passed this restaurant countless times as I make my way to my favourite Korean barbecue, Shinmapoo or dine at Naughty Nuri and Fei Fan Hot Pot.

There’s not many reviews about this place online and I can’t get the usual heads up of what should I order when I dine here. I decided to give it a try one day and I think the experience was just alright, where a few things could have been improved.

They pride themselves as a Japanese inspired Robatayaki Steakhouse and I think the steak has room for improvement (or maybe the chef wasn’t at his best when I was there).

They only have two ways of cooking the steak and I tried both, here’s my verdict. FYI both steaks have been requested for medium-well doneness.


This is the sumibiyaki ribeye (300g). The menu says it is grilled over charcoal and seasoned with special mixed sauced, served with chef’s selected sauce.

Very vague description but luckily it turned out better than anticipated. If I were to describe it I would say it’s served with a side of garlic crisps, sea salt, dried chili flakes and chef’s special sauce (which tasted like mustard to me).

The meat went well with the salt and dried chili flakes but it’s not tender enough. Is it because it’s Australian and not Wagyu? That shouldn’t be the case in any matter.


This is the hobayakl ribeye (300g) which is supposedly grilled with white miso on top of Hoba leaf, a type of Magnolia leaf that can bring excellent aroma and meaty taste to the next level.

Honestly the first thing I saw the excess blood on the bottom of the leaf which does not make it very appetizing. The meat on the other hand was quite hard, felt like it was overcooked. And some parts below were definitely cooked through.

In terms of flavours, this was more flavorful but the meat was definitely too rock hard for my liking. I has to chew way too many times for one slice of meat, what a waste :/


Garlic fried rice, the humble staple which luckily didn’t go wrong and was probably the saving grace of my experience here.

While the portion was decent, I don’t think I would risk another hit-or-miss dining experience here again.

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