Dear Friends Who I Don’t See As Often As I Would Like

I still think about you and hope you’re doing well.

The good ole’ days of being in the same place with less commitments and attachments was when we had it easy. Being a text away for a coffee date is something I miss. The times we took each other for granted is something I regret and never imagined this day would come. We might have realistically known things will be different as we grow older, but I never gave much thought about it until it happens.

I pains me to grow apart from people who matters to me when I never have intentions to.

The truth is, it is easy to give an excuse that life got the best of us. Much easier to say that life is hectic, we’re busy, too occupied or caught up with work. Truth be told, life is taking a different turn because of other external influences.

As idealistic as we get about how we’d like to grow old together at the same pace, life can easily change that overnight and it all becomes a dream again. No two boat sails the same and I’ve come to terms with that as long as I don’t lose those close to me.

They say, people will make time for those who matter and I find comfort in knowing that we will never truly be too far apart. While we navigate this chapter of our lives on our own, I hope I still matter as much to you as you do to me. It’s clear to me now, it’s not because of time or space or out of convenience being right in front of my face, I value you for who you are in our youth and ripe old age to come.

Through it all, please know that even if I haven’t seen you in a while, I still think of you all the time even if it seems like I don’t these days.

I hope we do see each other again soon and be spontaneous like we used to be. I hope we’d make up for lost time with exciting adventures which we will remember when we’re 50 going on 60.

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