Hello Summer 夏日即化 Cafe @ Cheras

Just another cute cafe I stumbled upon in KL!

This cafe is located right opposite Sunway Velocity Mall in Cheras and also rather near the MRT station. It’s located along a row of shop houses and probably is the only cafe on the block.


Ordered their supposedly signature sukiyaki (for two) which comes with Australian Wagyu Beef. The pork slices were additional orders and not included in the set.

Honest opinion about it, I think it is just average & basic. Nothing to shout about. The beef wasn’t the freshest and I guess don’t expect too much when dining here. Food quality was just a 5/10.

Here’s the Watermelon Melting drink. It is Jasmine tea mixed with melon and Australian yogurt, served with a side of taro boba. This drink was quite refreshing and surprisingly the flavours worked well. The yogurt did complement the drink although it does sound strange to have yogurt added in.

Also a plus point would be, how large this drink is. You could probably share this between two people because it’s half a litre.

Overall, this cafe is more novelty based and first-time visits only. I wouldn’t be back to try more as their menu is also pretty limited and food quality is mediocre. The only saving grace is a cute spot for Instagram-pictures.


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