A Li Yaa @ Bukit Damansara

This restaurant has been around for a very long time and they’re famous for their Sri Lankan curry crab. This post will tell you what else you can order if you’re not interested in ordering their curry crab.


In picture: Crackers & Sambal

Essentially your good ‘ole pappadum served with four dipping. There’s the traditional mint, sweet onion, grated coconuts and birds eye chili. All of them are delicious! I gravitate towards sweeter flavours and found myself enjoying the onions the best.


In picture: Egg fried rice, chicken curry & chicken varuvel

One thing that stood out was the chicken varuvel. Absolutely loved that it had so much onions and felt it was more flavourful  compared with the curry. Also, the curry was slightly on the oily side for me. As for the egg fried rice, it was good but not extraordinary.


Can’t really tell the difference of two bowls of rice here due to lighting, but I also ordered the yellow rice which in my opinion tasted like a briyani.


In picture: Moju brinjal

This was quite different and I liked it! It was recommended by the waiter and is on the slightly sweeter side. One thing I would comment is that I felt like I was just eating the brinjal skin, there’s not much “meat” to it which is disappointing.

Overall verdict: Food is not bad. It is my first time having Sri Lankan food so I don’t have a comparable review to make. I think the flavours are very similar to Indian food. So if you like briyani rice and chicken curry, you’d probably enjoy this.

One mistake I made was ordering two portions of rice (for two people). The portion of rice is larger than a chinese bowl of rice and I would do things differently by cutting back on the rice and ordering a roti instead.


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