KL’s Best Kept Rooftop Garden: Secret Garden Bandar Utama

Shh, keep this to yourselves.

Probably not many people know this but there is a Secret Garden in Bandar Utama. Located in the One Utama mall, this garden is the best kept secret which 70% of the public probably don’t know about. Best part, it’s FREE entry.


The roof top garden is quite widely spread out and there’s enough space for everyone to take a stroll or just relax by the benches. To ensure overcrowding, they do limit the amount of people entering which in this pandemic is great to practice.




Home to lots of flora and fauna, they actually took the time and effort to put up small signage indicating the name of the particular flower and I think it’s really nice touch.

For your ‘gram worthy photos, there’s literally ample of spots within the garden itself. It all depends on how you play with the angles and make them work.
PS: Due to the nature of it being a roof top garden, most of the backdrop will be greenery.



Overall, a super nice rooftop garden for photos or relaxation, escaping the hustle and bustle of the crowd in one of the busiest mall. Plus points for it being free entry and definitely great space for those taking product shots or those who would like to practice their photography skills.

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