Cafe Yamatatsu @ Old Klang Road

A must-try if you have the time and patience to wait.

Found this really cute Japanese-Taiwanese fusion cafe in a quiet part of Old Klang Road which I’d gladly return for more in the future.

Word of advice: be prepared for a long queue due to limited spaces in the restaurant and an average wait time of 1 hour. Best to arrive before their opening hour to secure a seat faster.


Now, what to order when you’re here:

Honestly everything that I ordered, I’d rate it a solid 8/10. Factoring price point, flavour & portion. There’s not one dish which I think taste bad and I think it also boils down to preference.


Starting with the top right, Ebi Mentai rice bowl. It has tamago, prawn and drizzled with lots and lots of mentai sauce. If you love mentai sauce, you’d love this one!

I ordered 3 sharing dishes of Grilled corn, Oden & Grilled Saba fish. If there is one dish you MUST order from this selection, it would be the grilled corn. Super flavourful and soft. I don’t think I’ve tasted something like this before.

The oden soup is sweet and light, perfect if you love a soup base center dish to share. Grilled Saba fish in my opinion taste quite ordinary like others I have eaten in Japanese restaurant. Not that it’s bad, it just didn’t stand out like the grilled corn.

Last but not least, the Chicken Rice bowl on the bottom right. This was super good! I am generally a fan of chicken rice and this had a good amount of flavour I was looking for and definitely enjoyed this very much! If there’s one thing that can improve, it would be the egg was slightly overcooked for me. I prefer a more runny texture but that is just my personal preference.

The total bill for the above 5 dishes and 2 drinks only came up to RM75, super reasonable price point yet comforting Asian fusion food.


PS: I arrived at 6.45pm and was seated at 8.00pm on a weekend. Their last call for the kitchen is at 9.00pm. Best to arrive before 6.00pm in order to not be disappointed.

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