A Guide To Sapa Town, Vietnam

So there’s usually this dilemma of whether should you go on a day trip to Sapa or Ninh Binh. I personally have never been to both and from images off Google, they both look equally beautiful and hard to pick.

If trekking through the beautiful valley of Sapa can’t convince you, here are other possible activities and scenic sights which might be able to.

Read more about trekking in Sapa here.

I spent 3 days 2 nights in Sapa and it was quite the perfect amount of time. Any longer might have bore me as the town is quite small. While Sapa covers a huge area which are mostly mountains and valleys, the town itself is of a much smaller scale and all attractions are within walking distance.

Sun Plaza


This is probably the most modern looking building in Sapa town. Inside, there’s various small shops which mostly sells counterfeit goods (what a waste) and mini marts. Also, to access the Sapa Station (to Fansipan), you’d have to go through this place and take an escalator up two floors.


You’d be shocked that such a beautiful building like this does not house much things on the inside. Opposite it is a B&B and I believe above it might be as well.


This is the interior of the station which is quite beautiful to say the least!



This view is worth your time! Probably the only place I was like super excited to go in Sapa Town. Fansipan is two cable car rides away and super accessible once you arrive to Sapa Station. You get a 360 panoramic view of the mountains and the air can get a little bit thin for some.


This is the highest peak in Vietnam which people used to trek up once upon a time. Not sure if anyone still does this anymore since there’s a cable car now that brings you up.


There’s a buddhist temple at the top which overlooks Vietnam and this was apparently built before the cable car was even ready. To the extreme right, there’s a huge Buddha which sits beautifully overlooking the mountain!

Sapa Lake


If you’re like me and have never been to Switzerland, this is as close as it gets to a scenic view! I read online that you can even rent paddle boats and paddle around the lake but I didn’t see anyone doing this activity while I was there (thought I saw the boats for rent available by the side).


Apart from that, they also have night market where you can find local street food and also a row of dining outlets from French cuisine to hotpot and local cafes. I was told they were all subpar but I honestly do like their local bakery which has fresh pastries and bread. I guess you can say, I am easily satisfied.

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