2020, What A Time To Be Alive

Who would have thought 2020 would pan out like this? When I was younger and still in school, I remember drawing what 2020 would look like in the future and it involved a lot of flying cars, skyscrapers and traffic in a bustling city.

4 months into 2020 and the reality could not have been more different. We still do not have flying cars and probably will never have, period. Skyscrapers are present in large cities but we are living in a time without traffic (for the very first time!).

Today is day 39 of Movement Control Order (MCO) and this is the longest time I have been coupe up at home since I started working in 2016.

The initial first two week was enjoyable as I finally found time to catch up on shows and movies I have missed out. It felt like a mini-vacation away from office which is always nice to have once in awhile.

Moving on the the next two weeks, it felt like I was getting an extend 4-weeks vacation. At this point, I was still enjoying it and by the start of week 4, my sleeping pattern was getting out of control. From waking up at 9am, 10am, 11am and the latest 11.40am. That was when I realize my body was shifting away from reality and must set a stable system with an alarm at 10am daily.

During these 4 weeks, I have baked and burnt cookies. Attempted it twice and I still ended up with some burnt pieces. Lesson learned: watch your cookies like a hawk. I’ve baked a loaf of banana cake like everyone else stuck at home. The only basic thing I didn’t try was making a cup of Dalgona Coffee.

After 4 week, I was ready to resume life as normal but apparently the universe isn’t ready for that to happen. I’ve binged watched more than 10 different shows / series and probably had enough so I started turning to online training to wake my brain up. I do roughly 2 per day and that is enough to make me feel like I’m still ‘learning’ something.

It’s now day 38 of MCO and we’re entering week 6 of being a homebody. At this point I have not had makeup on in the longest time, I hope my mascara and eyeliner have not dried up. I hardly ever comb my hair and 92% of the clothes in the wardrobe has not seen daylight.

I’ve reached a point where my iPhone screen time surpassed 7 hours a day which it never does during regular times. I’ve taken the time to update my resume and LinkedIn profile which I hardly ever do (only when looking for a job). Used the kitchen way more times than the entire year of 2018 & 2019 combined. Have not spent a cent on clothing or beauty / skincare products in the longest time. Spring cleaned my bedside table and make up drawer (wardrobe is next).

This is what the new normal looks like. Taking weekly calls with over 100 participants colleagues, food delivery being only one click away, social distancing and playing online games with friends, being a germophobia and sanitizing every visible surface, leaving the house feels like going for war and the breadwinner is now the coined as the person who successfully buys a loaf of bread from the store.

I haven’t seen what the outside world look like in ages but the internet tells me that Mother Nature is glowing and looking its best in while we look like a mess at home with overgrown hair, ungroomed appearance and a complete mess.

We’ve gone through half the battle and we’ll hopefully never have a time like this again.


My makeup stash staring at me with no where to go. 

Your contest queen posted this picture and caption and walked away with RM100 worth of beauty products!



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