the-nat-channel-apollo-dining-bangsar-grilled chicken

Apollo Dining @ Bangsar

I’m not here to name and shame eateries, only to share my dining experience.

I found them on Instagram and paid a visit before the Movement Control Order some time in February and have been contemplating on whether or not to share this. Prior to my visit, I read mixed reviews online and decided to try it out myself as to each their own palette.

Like most new restaurants sprouting in the city, it has a beautiful interior and has a great environment for dinners and celebrations. What was truly lacking was good food.


This is their version of risotto. I’ve never had such yellow risotto before and at first glance I thought there’s just way too much coloring. Surprisingly, this was probably the nicest dish I had here and also most flavorful.


Grilled chicken with sliced mango and roasted potatoes. This felt quite average. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t stand out. Felt the potato flavors were quite poor but the chicken was fortunately nice and tender.

the-nat-channel-apollo-dining-bangsar-grilled chicken

Baked fish with asparagus. Honestly this was not too bad, but this price did’t justify the portion. Nobody will be full eating this dish and this isn’t a fine dining restaurant, mind you.

Generally, there’s nothing outstanding about the food here. If given a choice, I’d say please walk a few doors down to Lisette which has amazing food which feels more wholesome. The price and food portion in Apollo Dining just didn’t do justice as the flavors were very bare minimum and nothing which excites the palette.

I was not wow-ed and there’s no pulling factor to bring me back here. Till next time!



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