Kanching Waterfall Trekking Adventures

After my last adventure to Chilling Waterfall, I’m back with more! This time, somewhere nearer in Rawang, only about 30 minutes drive away if you’re living in Selangor. I aim to go for more outdoor waterfall adventures this year, hopefully this is the first of many for 2020.

Before going to Kanching Waterfall, I read up a lot about the place and some wise words from those who have been. There are 7 tiers here, the higher you go, the more difficult it gets.

Honestly, for someone like me who isn’t even anywhere close to fit, I managed to go right up to tier 6 without any problems.


Tier 1 – Literally super effortless to get here. Also a more ‘hidden’ place as most people would walk past this without slowing down. This is quite perfect if you’re a family with small kids as there’s minimal walking to do.

As you walk further, you’d meet a stairway which brings you right up to Tier 2.


These steps made me quite breathless as it is an endless stairway. Thank goodness the steps were quite wide, you could rest along the way and not obstruct others. This for me was the toughest as I couldn’t gauge how far more till I don’t see the stairs anymore.

Anyway, once the stairs are over, you’d reach the most popular spot – Tier 2.


Tier 2 – The busiest place and most crowded area.

Rightfully so as the area or dipping here is also the largest (this picture does not do justice). This tier also has ample of benches for you to put your belongings while you take a dip and super popular amongst families.


Tier 3 – A quiet spot with powerful splashes. I honestly wasn’t even standing that close but I could feel the nice chilly breeze. I won’t say this is the best place for a picnic so save your snacks and continue hiking further as this area does not have ample of ground or sitting space.


Tier 4- Here we are, at one of the best spots for quite downtime. You can start taking out your packed sandwiches or snacks here and sit yourself on the large rocks.  This is also the last ‘guided’ part of the waterfall. Trails after this are more difficult and steep for some. It also has less guidance or path on where to go.


Tier 5 – If you’re adventures enough to go further up, this would be your reward. From here, you can also estimate how far up you’d like to go after this as it gets steeper and steeper but it is entirely doable, even for someone like me who is totally useless in sports.


Tier 6 – Here’s where I stopped, sat down and had my mini-picnic, by the gushing waterfall which provided me with much needed breezy air.

It took me under an hour to get here and I even saw an old uncle wearing crocs who made it up here as well, definitely possible for anyone. The water here is nice, cold and fresh.

I contemplated on going even further but it was getting steeper and going up was not a problem, my fear was how I was going to get down (there is no grip or railings).

This is definitely an easy trail for beginners and family-friendly too. I’d definitely be back soon! For me the best part was how nearby it is and difficulty  level is definitely perfect for me.


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