Afternoon High Tea @ Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur

My most recent visit to The Lounge at Four Seasons KL for an afternoon tea left me with mixed reviews.

I’ll give it to them for having impeccable service but the offerings fell short of my expectations. I came here with an even higher expectation as it is one of the more expensive ones in town.


Aesthetics on point for their interior I must say. When I visited on a weekend, The Lounge was particularly busy and this was the best shot of it I could get without too many strangers in a frame.


Sweet, savories and scones.

There’s about 12 items on the tier set and during my visit they had a daily pass around of macaroon ice-cream sandwich on a stick which is not in frame.

My favorite item in this entire set would have to be the strawberry jam which is served with scones. Their homemade strawberry jam (which is sadly not for sale), comes with chunks of strawberry and is not too sweet nor sour.

The set comes with a choice of coffee or tea. I choose the latter and was recommended a fruit based tea. Upon making the selection, my friends who were with me couldn’t decide between teh tarik or a pot of tea and picked the latter as well. The attentive staff kindly offered us a shot of teh tarik each to try after. I thought this was a very sweet gesture, as in the end we got to try both choices.


The sweet selection was hands down better than their savories. The sandwiches has heaps of room for improvement as nothing seemed to be paired well nor wow my taste buds. There was also no creativity and borderline boring. The sweets on the other hand were not too sweet and had more complex elements which is highly appreciated.

In general, this is a place you’d visit for special occasions and over long talks and conversations as the environment and ambiance is cozy and warm. I’d say the price tag for this set and offerings are not justifiable and elsewhere like Banyan Tree is probably a better choice.

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