Chipta 11A Curated Dining @ Sea Park

Good things must be shared, so here’s a twist to omakase dining.

Chipta 11A puts its own take to omakase dining, infusing local flavors from the area which is not quite fusion as well, making it unique in its own ways.

They have a 5 course and 10 course menu. I picked the later which was a 3-hour dining experience with Chef Jack at the counter table. (tip: book the counter table if possible, that’s where all the magic happens!)


First up, sourdough bread with butter and homemade pineapple jam.

I loved the pineapple jam and there’s nothing to complain.


Beetroot with black fungus, prawn, cheese foam and daun selasih.

This is rather special! The sound of cheese foam didn’t quite tempt me as I don’t like cheese in general but it taste better than it sounded to me!


Oyster served with homemade winter melon vinegar mix, roasted almond milk and kaffir lime.

I honestly nearly died when I saw Chef Jack preparing this in front of me because I hate oysters (I think it is too slimy for my liking). And it would be quite offensive if I just don’t touch this course, so I was quite nervous on what I should do.

I got my partner (who also doesn’t like oysters) to try it first and he gave me the thumbs up so I went for it and I  think the homemade sauce which it was served with made a big difference cause I actually enjoyed it. Would have been a massive disaster if I didn’t tho!


Cured hammer jack belly served with spinach and green chili puree, beetroot and smoked flake salt.

A unique twist to an otherwise boring and usual sashimi. Chef Jack explained that he cured it for 2 days to give the fish a different flavor which is more acceptable to the public.


Hokkaido scallop with kaffir lime fruit.

So fresh, so good and so thick!!

*the bed of rice is mixed with Assam jawa and this goes for all the sushi served below as well!


Red snapper, smoked salt and pickled wasabi.

Yummy on its own and fresh as can be.


Argentinian prawn, wasabi, pickled turnip, radish and mackerel with vinegar and pickled green chili.

The prawns were so sweet, so juicy and all I could say is I WANT MORE. The mackerel served with pickled green chili was Chef Jack’s favourite and he couldn’t stop talking about the sweetness of it.



Served fresh on its own, Chef Jack let us in on an insight that the dark red parts of the fish are the most expensive parts and highly sought after.


Torched kampachi belly topped with uni and bunga kantan

Oh my uni! I’m usually not a fan of belly in any form but this didn’t feel too fatty to me although it was served with a dollop of buttery uni.



Look at the thick slice of sashimi! Served on its own, this was so good, so fresh and so delicious in one bite.


Ebi soup.

The head of the prawn from the Argentinian prawn earlier was used to make this flavorful broth with seaweed. Truly think it’s innovative and a step towards sustainable dining.



Japanese mackerel topped with green chili and rice paste.

I don’t think I’ve had torched mackerel before as I usually have them fully cooked and this tasted nothing like what I was familiar with in a good way.


Braised red snapper, cauliflower puree, curry leaf powder, papaya leaf and homemade fish sauce.

I found the curry leaf powder to be slightly odd as it has a more bitter taste but I guess it makes sense else it’s an otherwise sweet dish.


Roasted wahgyu with Korean enoki mushroom, runny yolk, garlic flakes and homemade sauce.

Chef Jack explained that Wahgyu is one grade lower than wagyu beef. Unusually served with runny yolk, I think the pairing was good but I especially loved the Korean enoki mushroom which were sweeter than the usual.


Fruit tomato, roselle sugar, pickled radish and kaffir lime.

I loved the roselle sugar and pickled radish pairing! The sweetness and sourness had a perfect blend and this palate cleanser is innovative! The fruit tomato was sourced from the highlands and it is exceptionally sweeter as it is meant to be a dessert tomato.


Curry leaf ice cream with roasted nangka.

Closing the experimental journey with local flavors and touches. The curry leaf ice cream is not your usual sweet treat. The spice element is strong and goes well with a crunch of roasted nangka.

This concludes my omakase journey at Chipta 11A. Definitely to be put on the list for anyone looking to treat themselves to a curated dining experience in PJ & KL.


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