Rebel Pasta @ Damansara Uptown

I’m secretly a huge fan of pasta, especially homemade pastas. I still very fondly remember my visit to Padella Pasta in London which served one of the BEST pastas I have eaten in my life. It’s all about the simple flavors without over complicating the dish and the soft firm texture of the homemade pasta.

I recently visited Rebel Pasta in Damansara Uptown because they claim to serve homemade pastas with fresh ingredients and I thought I’ll give that a try and see if it feeds my pasta cravings


I ordered their potato and mushroom soup as starters and was severely pleased when it was presented in this dark brown colour. Only to be disappointed at first sip. Not only was the taste very mild, it was very diluted and generally not something I expected since everything was supposedly to be made from scratch. I also didn’t manage to bite into a single potato.


I ordered one of the supposed star dishes, Prawnstar. It is thin cut pasta with garlic, chili, prawn, squid and mussels. Now, I honestly loved the texture of the pasta, I must say it tasted very fresh.

Other parts of it, not so good. I did not enjoy my pasta with bonito flakes which was sprinkled on top. Mussels were not fresh. There was only 2 mussels, 2 squid rings and 2 prawns, 80% of the dish was just plain pasta.


This was a fettuccine based pasta which was not too bad. Again, pasta was yummy but flavour needs to be re-looked into.

Honestly it is such a pity as I genuinely loved the texture of their pasta but I don’t think it paired well with the sauces which ruins the meal almost completely.

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