Here’s To Friends Who Have Stayed For A Decade

I’m welcoming the brand new year with the same circle of friends whom I met in 2010. A wonderful 10 years it has been and what an exciting time to be alive, entering a brand new decade with them.


Thank you for not only coming into my life 10 years ago but staying in it. Difficulty is not in making new friends but maintaining life-long friendships. I would never have guessed that we would be here 10 years later.

The way we crossed paths was nothing to shout about and it didn’t occur to me back then that this will be the people who would be sticking by my side for years to come. There’s nothing better than good food and even better company. I believe we stand by that motto for life based on the countless restaurants we have been to.

Thank you friends for being present and available. I look back at the past decade and can instantly recall moments in our lives where we made incredible memories which we will be talking about for the years to come, Christmas 2017 is one of it. The year we went to a record breaking 3 bars in a night and made memories we will never forget.

We can all agree that our routine biweekly meet makes difficult times much easier to handle and a breath of fresh air for us all amidst our struggles in life. Looking back, it is much easier to create an excuse and opt out, blaming on busy schedules. But this shows people who stick around will make an effort will show up. And for that, thank you friends for choosing our friendship.

Thank you for choosing to celebrate milestones in life, from birthdays, successes and achievements. It has become a monthly affair for birthday dinner celebration and this warms my heart knowing we’ll be growing old together with all the shared wonderful occasions we have had.

Cheers to many more decades to come, friends!

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