Tomo Ramen Bar @ Damansara Uptown

Interested in trying something different? They have miso soymilk based ramen and that is their signature broth here.


Starting with something more basic, this is their Tonkotsu Ramen which is a 20 hour pork bone broth with chashu pork belly.

The broth has been slow-cooked to perfection and has a slightly thick and creamy texture expected from the broth. Accompanied by my favourite soft boiled egg with a runny egg yolk, giving the broth extra oomph!


This is the chef’s special, miso soymilk broth with tamago. At first sip, the broth is creamy, thick and unique. I’ve never tasted a broth quite like this and don’t have any comparison which I can make.

It has a slightly sweet taste which might not be everyone’s preferred broth with ramen noodles.


I love my takoyaki and this place doesn’t disappoint. Only downside is, each serving only comes with 3, which is not enough 😦

The takoyaki is topped with bonito flakes and has a nice outer crisp with a soft and delicate filling. Also, plus point as it is not as oily as other takoyaki in town.


Overall this place is a sold 8/10. Downside is, the place is rather small and gets very crowded during peak meal periods. Best to come earlier or make a reservation.


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