A Recap Of 2019

The year has come and gone real fast and in a blink of an eye 2019 is done and dusted. Recently a friend asked what did I accomplish in 2019 and I can’t help but to just stare blankly.

Looking back, there isn’t a huge accomplishment apart from my job promotion, here’s a recap of my 2019 in grids.



I started the year with a trip to Bangkok and Khao Yai. It was my first time in Khao Yai. A beautiful place but with hardly any activities in the small town. Read all about the highlights here and the beautiful hotel I stayed in, Thames Valley, here.



It’s the annual festive get-together over Chinese New Year and it wouldn’t be complete without a table full of food!



This month was when I left my job of 2 years and had some time off. I took that time to visit my parent’s hometown and played tourist, visiting hot spots which people travel from all around the world to see.



Highlight of this month would definitely be attending Ed Sheeran’s concert. This has been on my concert bucket list for the longest time and I am so glad that I got tickets for his show this time around. Also, this month was when I started my new job, yay!



Bali, Bali, Bali.

First time back on this beautiful island after a good 15 years and I loved every bit of it from the atmosphere, food and everything in between. I’d go back to Bali again in a heartbeat, there’s just so much good food and this trip spoiled my taste buds. A food diary can be found here.



I flew all the way to Macau for a weekend getaway and to watch Black Pink live in action and stayed at The Parisian. It was a good weekend, period.



I’ve been to a number of media launches and previews but never a press conference. The word ‘press conference‘ itself sounds very serious but I went for my very first one and it was a 360 of what I had pictured it to be.



I had my very first paid photo shoot and it turned out pretty well. Thankful for all the past experience shooting with SzeYuin!



Stepped out of my comfort zone and went hiking. I found it very enjoyable, maybe because it was an easy hike. I’m growing to be an outdoor person, baby steps as we speak.



My very first time stepping foot on Vietnamese soil and I went from the city to the mountains and the sea. Highlight of my trip was definitely my time in the mountains of SaPa where it was picturesque at every sight.



Birthday month is here and I’m so thankful to have had 4 celebrations with my nearest and dearest as I welcome the quarter life.



Wrapped up the year with one last vacation, this time to the coast of Khao Lak in Thailand where the 2005 tsunami hit the hardest. I had the most amazing time staying in this gorgeous resort in Le Meridien and it was the perfect ending to my year.

2020 I’m ready!

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