Chez Gaston @ Bangsar

A hidden eatery in a quiet and border of Bangsar, I honestly wondered why the owner chose this location. Away from the traffic and hustle bustle of the city, I do enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with a hidden location.


Escargot Bourguignon 

Absolutely delicious snails well soaked in garlic butter and parsley, the sauce was so perfect for dipping my bread in to.


Filet de Canard au vinaigre de framboise

Roasted duck breast with raspberry vinaigrette sauce. Honestly didn’t taste like raspberry sauce but the duck was nice and tender. A little bit too fat for my liking.


Filet mignon de porc aux cepes

Slow cooked pork tenderloin in mushroom and brandy cream sauce. This was yummy! The sauce itself was nice and not too rich and pork was tender.


Loup de mer au morue

Panfried seabass in a saffron creamy sauce. Perfect option for those who don’t quite fancy red meat.


Brandade de morue

This I thought was quite unique. A Southern French favourite, it is baked salted cod with mashed potato. Have never had anything like this before and it is quite special and unique to this restaurant. Definitely should try but best shared as it is very filling.


Chocolate mousse

67% Ghana dark chocolate which was not too sweet and also light on the palate.


Creme brulee

A traditional favourite which didn’t go wrong. Only comment would be that it was served in to shallow of a plate.

Overall, Chez Gaston serves pretty good French food though not a cuisine I’d pick every week. There was a lady who was speaking in French at the restaurant and I believe she was the owner, worth a try!



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