Streets Of Barcelona

Bring me back to Barcelona where winter feels like summer, streets with beautiful architecture and a city with vibrant personality.

Follow me and recap the streets of Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia


the-nat-channel-natventures-spain-barcelona-la-sagrada-familia -church-interior.JPG

the-nat-channel-natventures-spain-barcelona-la-sagrada-familia -exit.JPG

The infamous landmark designed by Antoni Gaudi was nothing short of spectacular. While not completed yet, it is already looking very beautiful. I have seen a fair share of churches and this is by far the most detailed and unique in design.

I don’t usually care about audio guides but this is a MUST get in order to enjoy the full experience. A disclosure, tickets are priced at €25, quite hefty but worth the price and will take roughly an hour to cover the entire area as the audio guide pays close attention to details throughout the church and tells the story behind it.

Casa Mila



Another one of Gaudi’s beautiful creation. This is located within the city center in a very central location. I did not pay to go inside for viewing but you can and it is currently used for exhibitions.

His designs are so unique and while built a long time ago, it doesn’t look out of place. In fact, it actually stands out from the already beautiful Spanish architecture.

Park Guell




Take a stroll in the park and take in yet another masterpiece by Gaudi. The park is quite a walk uphill but worth it as you can a view of the city from above. You can even see the uncompleted Sagarda Familia from here, spot the cranes!

The third picture is a colonnaded footpath which is unlike any other and where lots of people take their Instagram photo to show that they’re here.

Casa Batllo


Also know as the ‘house of bones’, this is yet another genius design by Gaudi. He did not build this but he designed it. I think you’ll be able to spot a repeated trend by now that Gaudi’s creation really stands out in the crowd and with so many building in Barcelona designed by him, it is no wonder the city has such beautiful architecture.

Casa Vicens



Another one of Gaudi’s spectacular creation which was a residential building at one point but now is a museum, also which has a fee to enter (and I didn’t).

Plaza De Catalunya

the-nat-channel-natventures-spain-barcelona-plaza-de-catalunya (24)

Here’s the city center of Catalan which is bustling with energy and one of the most busiest district in the city with lots of retails and offices around. This area feels slightly different from the rest of the city as it has taller buildings and skyscrapers whereas other parts of Barcelona doesn’t have buildings this tall.




I honestly think Barcelona is so beautiful and vibrant. I was also lucky enough to catch the last sight of the autumn leaves in December. Winter in Barcelona is truly not dreadful and cold.

There are still so many areas and corners I have yet to explore, till next time in this lively city.

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