Beginner’s Guide To Trekking: Chilling Waterfall

I am not one who gravitates towards outdoor activities and if I can trek up Chilling Waterfall, anyone can.

This place is a one hour drive if you’re coming from KL / Selangor, waze yourself to  Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary because if you type in Chiling Waterfall, waze can’t bring you there.

Another thing to note, it is only opened on Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 8am-6pm and it is advisable to not wear sport shoes. Suggestion: Arrive as early as possible to get a spot at the waterfall and wear slippers.


It was my first time visiting a waterfall in Malaysia and I was surprised by how clear the water is. Also as the name suggest, the water is nice, cold and chilling.

To get to the waterfall, you’ll first have to trek through the forest and cross six streams of river which takes about 60 – 85 minutes, depending on your trekking speed. This is the main reason why you should ditch your sport shoes as it will be soaking wet.

I actually witness it first hand myself of people’s sports shoes falling apart as the glue is not made for this.


Here’s one of the six streams of river which you’ll have to cross. The depth of water and water current varies. The water can be as deep as your thigh level depending on your height and some of the water current can be particularly strong. Crossing the river only becomes challenging when the water current is strong, particularly stream 3.

It helps that there’s a rope to assist but you’ll just have to be extra careful as the strong water current might cause you to slip or lose your slippers. Also, there’s fishes swimming in all the stream of rivers but do not fear, they don’t bite. Fishing is not allowed FYI.



Apart from strong water currents, there might have fallen trees along the trekking path in the forest. It is overall an easy trek, hardly any steep slopes upwards or incline. I would say, this would be the easiest part and trekking the river might be the only challenging part for some.



Alas, you’ll arrive to this beautiful waterfall where you can have a picnic, a swim, a dip or just enjoy chilling here fall asleep or whatsoever.

I mentioned above to get there as early as possible because it can get really crowded. I arrived the waterfall at around 10am and it was already pretty occupied.

It can become a little bit more challenging to find a spot, especially for larger group, hence go as early as you can!


Overall, it is a very fun and easy trekking route. Would definitely recommend to pay a visit at least once as there isn’t an entrance cost as well and also an incredibly chilling experience.

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