Dough & Dolce @ TTDI

I have to share this place as everything I ordered turned out really delicious and there wasn’t a dish which I would not repeat my order.


Truffle mushroom soup

Should have probably disclosed that it is truffle scented instead cause I found 0 truffle in the soup but it is yummy! Paired with their homemade sourdough bread which was lightly spread with garlic butter. I tried it on it’s own and it delicious as it is.


Chipotle grilled cheese sandwich with pepper and tomato soup

The focus should be on the grilled cheese sandwich but I really loved the tomato soup instead! The grilled cheese sandwich was fine, except I wouldn’t finish it all on my own as it is tooooo cheesy for me but suitable for those who love cheese.


Butter chili clams

This was the star for me! I’d give it double thumbs up if it was less spicy but I loved the rich and creamy sauce which complemented the sourdough bread so so well! It has a very familiar flavour, one which I constantly crave to have with my crab and mantao. I guess I know where to get a quick fix next time.

Would highly recommend to inform the staff to get it done less spicy if you can’t take the spice, otherwise this is really good!

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