Shaun Teo Studio @ Ara Damansara: Your New Instagram Space

Opened in one of the most unassuming places at Eve Suite in Ara Damansara, it’s not quite the most convenient places to go but pro-tip if you’re not from the area, take the LRT to Lembah Subang and walk to the cafe. It’s literally connected and you won’t have to worry about parking etc.

Let me show you the space and Instagram-worthy corners to tempt you.


Here’s an overview of one part of the studio. The crates that you see here are basically for dining and this section only sits 3 tables.

Teepee Tent


You would have probably seen this all over Instagram, it is probably the main reason why people visit Shaun Teo’s Studio in the first place (let’s be real).

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


There’s quite some potential here – sitting on the stool, reflective shots in the mirror, dreamy shots using the dried flowers in frame.

Floral Swing


If you’ve always wanted a swing in a patio but never had one, here’s your chance to snap in one!

Live Love Bake


If you feel comfortable you could probably sit here for tea but I can imagine lots of cute friendship photos taken here, fake candid reading a book, lying down on the day bed, etc.

Bed Time


Put on your vintage dress and take some get-out-of-bed shots here. I’ve tried and tested, the bed is installed with mattress and you can sit/sleep on it, comfort not guaranteed.

Reading Corner


This is just a small one-seater corner but if you’re creative, you’d definitely be able to get something out of this!


Shaun pays great attention to details and you’ll find that there’s ample of props here. Use it to your best advantage to create interesting angles and shoot through different frames.

Here comes the food part which is nothing to shout about, but since I’ve ordered it, I might as well share my opinion of it.


This is their toast set which comes with Hokkaido milk bun, hard boiled egg, pumpkin soup, potato salad, french butter and homemade jam. Best thing from this tray was the pumpkin soup.


Here’s the snoopy waffle which is far from tasty. Looks like something you’d get in Disneyland, except it doesn’t taste as good. The waffle itself is not crispy or soft, it’s chewy and not very pleasant. I might just be the unlucky one whose waffle was not done well, just maybe.


Their carrot cake might just be the best out of the three items. Moist and just nice in terms of sweetness. Though I question the use of their one-time use packaging and would have preferred if they just stuck to washable plates like the above. Not very environmentally friendly.

All in all, this place is worthy of a visit to take Instagram photos but the food item is a no go for me.

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