Nusa Penida, Bali

Put this on your Bali itinerary and you won’t regret it, you’re welcome!

Honestly this place started popping up on my feed about 2 years back and I have since added this to my to-go list which is finally ticked off!

Here’s the most basic places you need to cover and as they say a picture says a thousand words (that I am unable to describe it).

Kelingking Beach



This is the incredibly breathtaking T-Rex back which you’re able to take a hike down to the beach. I’ve been told that it is really steep but worth it. Honestly can’t get over the pretty blue coloured gradient of the sea.

Broken Beach



A beautifully scenic cliff that has a little arch and crystal clear waters beneath it. You can actually take a walk on the rather intimidating cliff across but I’m not too certain is cliff diving is allowed at this spot.

Angel’s Billabong 



A natural infinity pool with beautiful, beautiful crystal clear emerald hues rock lagoon. You can take an easy hike down and swim in it during low tide in this absolutely stunning creation. Take some time to watch the waves come crashing in, promise you it’s beautiful.

Crystal Bay




Look how crystal clear the waters are and I would be so basic to say salty hair and sandy toes but really, I think I enjoyed that and the smell of the sea.

Enjoying myself in Nusa Penida would be an understatement. It is one beautiful piece of mother nature which I am bringing home with me in my heart.

I have to say, thank you Klook for making my life so much easier with a pre-planned itinerary and if you’re interested, sign up using my code here for RM15 off! Also, the Klook drivers know exactly which spot is good for pictures so, that’s a plus!

Be warned, the roads in Nusa Penida is extremely bumpy and the journey around the island is incredibly far. Those who get nausea easily might want to sit this one out.

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