Hazukido @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Croissants, croissants, croissants. A world without them would be boring and dull. I can’t even begin to express my love for croissants and I can assure you this won’t be my last visit to Hazukido, Taiwan’s croissant chain.


I got my hands on their Raspberry Panna Cotta, Earl Grey, Honeycomb, Milk Caramel and Garlic flavour! Their signature would be the Raspberry hence I got two and did not regret.

Raspberry, Earl Grey and Milk Caramel flavoured croissants had an oozing filling which was so good!! Hands down my favourite would be the Raspberry followed by Earl Grey. I’m not even the biggest fan of Earl Grey but somehow it tasted so good.

Plus the croissant had the perfect buttery taste, flakiness and crispiness. My only advise to those getting their hands on this is to consume it within the same day cause it taste better for sure.


Next time I wanna try Lemon Meringue, Brown Sugar and Fuji Apple. Only downside is, you’ll get whatever available. Once it’s sold out you’ll just have to wait and the wait time can vary as croissants take awhile to bake.

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