The Farm Foodcraft @ Bangsar South

There’s increasingly a lot of “instagramable” eateries with sub-par offerings and this place I’m afraid falls into that category.

Such a pity as the owner clearly put a lot of thought into making this place look good but sadly the food fell short of my expectation.



Look at how pretty it is? I must say it is a nice venue for celebrating birthdays, get together, etc.


There is even an outdoor area which in my opinion will look super on point during the day and lots of photo opt.


This is their asam boi (Sucker Punch) drink which is honestly not strong enough and lacking of the oomph you would be looking for, however still a nice drink but don’t have too high hopes.


Creamy Chicken Spaghetti


Spaghetti Bolognese


Lala Land


Seafood Marinara


Laksa Pasta

I went there with a group of 7 friends and all of us who ordered pasta felt that it was under seasoned. The taste was flat and nothing about the dish stood out. Not forgetting, the portions are relatively on a smaller side and it wasn’t enough for my guy friends.

If you’re expecting a rich and creamy based for the Creamy Chicken Spaghetti, you’d be disappointed as it is just creamy in texture but not in taste. Even the very basic Bolognese sauce didn’t have any tomato taste to it. Not sure if the kitchen ran out of salt or ingredients that night as it certainly not possible for all the dishes to be sub-par?

I’m not a good cook but I know I make better spaghetti at home than what I tasted here at Farm Foodcraft.

the-nat-channel-farm-foodcraft-bangsar-south-cafe-restaurant-nasi-kerabu.JPGNasi Kerabu

The only one which looked ‘wow’ and tasted better. If you’re dining here and have to order something, go for this as this had more flavor to it and was also fragrant when the waiter brought it to the table. The only downside is that it is served with a poached egg which didn’t go very well. It is better off with a hard boiled egg or traditionally served with salted egg.

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