Underscore Coffee @ Ara Damansara

New cafe in Ara Damansara, yay!

Underscore Coffee serves light bites and beverages meant for breakfast or afternoon tea. They don’t have any main courses available but it works for those looking for a place to have coffee to go as well. Seems like there were many people who swing by for coffee to go when I was there on my visit.


Banana Bread.

I loved this the most! It was nice and moist on the inside with a toasty ‘skin’. Also this is a rather dense and packed banana bread and flavorful too.


Triple Berry Acai Bowl.

I have been dreaming of the acai bowl I had in Kynd Community which is easily the best one yet. Though this does not come close to that, I still enjoyed it which easily fixes my sweet tooth.


Burnt Cheesecake.

Also another yummy item on the menu. I believe this is subjected to availability on the day and do give this a try when you’re there. It is not too dense in my opinion and quite perfect with a cup of hot beverage.


Giant Croissant.

I love my pastries and this giant croissant passed the test for me. Could use a little bit more flakiness to make it the perfect croissant. Also I had this without butter and it tasted very good on its own.


Overall, Underscore Coffee is somewhere I’ll revisit for quiet afternoons and me-time.

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