Bali Food Diary

The food scene in Bali is absolutely crazy and dare I say that they’re all so good!? The last time I visited this island was over 10 years ago and so much has changed based on my gold fish memory of the island.

Here are some places I visited and I honestly love the cafe scene there.

Mad Pops @ Seminyak



They serve brilliant coconut based gelato and I love love love their flavors! I loved it so much I visited it on two occasions in a single trip! Pro tip: there’s less people here at night!

Coffee Cartel @ Seminyak


This cafe has absolutely yummy breakfast menu! In picture is their avocado toast which is more filling that what it looks. Their big breakfast is also yummy if you like the option of having pork sausages.

Dough Darling @ Seminyak



This was stumbled by accident and no regrets taking away 4 extra pieces back to the villa for indulgence! They specialize in artisanal doughnuts which are really good. Light and fluffy doughnuts with the respective glazed or cream toppings.

Parachute @ Canggu




They have amazing amazing amazing pork ragu tagliatelle that I’d revisit and reorder this next time! In picture is also their crab meat omelette which might be too green for some people but overall really yummy too.

Nude @ Canggu


A great brunch spot with very airy indoors. Here’s their corn fritters which were absolutely delicious and served with chunks of avocado and a poached egg.

Kynd Community @ Seminyak



This place needs no introduction. They serve THE BEST acai bowl I’ve ever eaten and you taste that they actually use lots of berries and fruits for the base and not dilute it at all. Their berries bowl is definitely a must-have!

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