Black Pink In Your Area @ Macau

I have a sister who is obsessed with BlackPink and would listen to their songs every single day without fail and being her next door neighbor, I started familiarizing myself with the tunes of their songs but wouldn’t call myself a fan.


As the hottest girl group in Korea at the moment who was also the first ever Korean group to cross the Asian waters into Western territory and performed at Coachella, they are indeed the biggest deal at the moment. I had the opportunity of watching them live in Macau and I absolutely adored them the first time I saw them on stage during the soundcheck.


I was quite sold that they are worth the hype with their catchy tunes and energetic dance performance. While that applies to most or all Kpop groups, it is my first ever proper Kpop concert and I loved it!! Standing in the mosh pit with tons of die-hard fans gave out additional concert vibes and enthusiasm which further pumped up my experience.



Out of the four, I personally think Lisa stood out the most to me. Her energy, beauty and overall personality she gave on stage. Apparently she is not the most popular of the group but has the highest IG following.


Ji Soo is quite a sweetheart and the only one in the group who doesn’t know much English hence she doesn’t really interact that much with the crowd through speech but she does this type of cute actions that wins people’s hearts!



Already having post-concert blues, till the next one!

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