Kuro Teppanyaki @ Subang Jaya

Not my first time having teppanyaki but certainly first time encountering a DIY concept!

The DIY concept is also buffet style and you get to select your choice of meat and vegetable. Meat will be served and vegetable can be found at their buffet counter. Super easy and it is the same as Suki-ya.




From the buffet counter, there’s also free flow of miso soup, oden, steam white rice, edamame, deep-fried dumplings, vanilla ice-cream and green tea.




Here comes the more exciting part. Select your meat and start cooking! The Australian beef cube, cuttlefish and dory fish were my personal favourites. There are choices from streaky chicken, chicken thigh and more.

With every portion, they provide you with a small cube of butter but every table has a bottle of cooking oil and salt, pepper seasoning if you need as well. I personally think there’s no need for that unless you’re cooking the next item below!


A bowl of garlic fried rice!

Grab a bowl of steam white rice, eggs, vegetable, sausage or whatever type of meat you want to put in there and start cooking! The taste of the fried rice depends on how well you cook it, so each to their own and customize it according to your preference.

This can be a quite fun place to go with friends and family and I advice making a booking as the restaurant turnover is expected to be on the slower side due to the whole cooking process itself.

For RM 50 onwards per person, bring your empty stomachs and start frying away!

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