Time Out Market Lisbon

Time Out Market Lisbon literally pops up on every website as a must visit place when you’re in Lisbon and it naturally made it on my places of interest list when I was in the city.

I kind of have mixed reviews about this place and I guess each to their own, this would either be a hit or a miss.




Time Out Market is basically a nicely done food hall which has plenty of individual stalls selling all types of cuisine from local Portuguese to Asian and burgers, etc. There’s basically something for everyone.

It’s a very nicely done market which is also comfortable and cozy, making it a very popular spot among locals and tourist alike. I went there on a weekday night and it was buzzing with lots of people without making it feel too congestion.


Seafood chowder


Grilled cod fish


Grilled octopus


Fresh seafood


American burger


Portuguese egg tart


There’s a plenty options at the Time Out Market and they even have Asian corners from Thai to Japanese and Korean. It is a lovely concept and I guess in a fancy term for it would be a food hall but if you’re Asian you’d call this a food court!

Having said that, I wouldn’t particularly say that the food here is good, edible for sure but not exactly a place where I’d put it on a recommendation list for the taste of it but definitely the experience.

I must disclose that the pricing here is slightly higher than what you’d pay for in a regular restaurant in Lisbon (even the Portuguese egg tarts!).

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