Crème De La Crème @ Damansara Uptown

There’s a NEW dessert cafe you don’t want to miss in Damansara Uptown.

Their dessert is ice-cream based and made out of natural ingredients with no artificial colouring or preservatives (or so they say).

If you’ve tried Frozen By Ken in Bangsar, you’ll love this and I find they’re so similar in terms of flavours and their components.


This is their lady pearl which is really nice and light because it’s made out of dragon fruit and strawberry sorbet in the inside which is refreshing and I could really taste the flavours of the dragon fruit and also hints of passion fruit.


And this is beauty and the beast which is incredibly popular. By the time I left the shop there were only 2 left for the evening. If you love chocolate based desserts, you’ll surely fall in love with this dark chocolate ice-cream rose petal. It has a cherry sorbet filling and sits on a cherry chocolate brownie which I cannot have enough of! It was nice, rich and not sweet at all which is what I loved!


This is probably another popular item called da bomb. Which yes, it is the bomb. It taste slightly similar to beauty and beast because they are both chocolate base but this was without the cherry sorbet which was center filling of beauty and the beast.


Another one which I really loved was bunny! Just look how cute it is?! The main elements is also two of my favourite fruits in the world, mango and coconut and the combination could not have been any better! This is extremely refreshing and has some sour elements which is extremely delicious and I would personally go back for seconds for this.


This is the forest log which is miso caramel and banana base and it has a salted butterscotch sauce that goes along very well with it. I thought it was going to be a dense chocolate log but surprisingly I loved the banana flavour.


I had my doubts about the unicorn but it surprisingly turned out better than expected.  I only had my doubts because of how unicorns are such a big hit lately that I saw this as a more gimmicky item than real dessert but I quickly proven otherwise when I took my first bite of madagascar vanilla ice-cream and lychee raspberry sorbet on the inside. Loved this refreshing combination for sure!

For first timers, I would suggest to go with beauty and the beast and bunny as those are my top two pick!

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