Ra-Ft Cafe @ Mont Kiara

Cafes popping up everywhere and here’s one in Mont Kiara which serves absolutely delicious breakfast & brunch menu.


If only smell could be shared too, you’d know that this two big breakkies are mouthwatering.


This is their build your breakfast option which comes with your choice of carbs (croissant), protein (salmon), vegetable (tomatoes & mushroom) and your preferred style of eggs (scramble). It was a very generous serving and I loved the flaky croissant which went very well with my fluffy scramble eggs and juicy sweet cherry tomatoes which are larger than your average size!


Otherwise here’s their big breakfast which is as good and comes with your choice of meat (pork sausage).


This is their avocado toast which I’m not too sure what to think of. I personally think there was too much rockets and hardly any asparagus even though it was suppose to have both.


Their Ra.ft burger is pretty good I must say! The patty is a mixture of both beef and pork which is quite delicious and a little bit pink on the inside.

Overall I loved how satisfying their breakfast menu was and would definitely revisit for hearty brunches.

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