the-nat-channel-christmas-tree-lighting-ceremony -media-appreciation

Wrapping Up Two Years In My First Hotel

I’m about to leave the very first hotel I’m working in and can’t help but to look back and feel like I’ve grown, learnt and experience a whole lot here. That for me in itself is enough and I am content with the guidance I’ve gotten which allowed me to be more confident with my work and be better at what I do.

It’s true that as a Marketing Exec, you’re mostly behind your desk and doing the back-end of things. Coming up with new ideas and strategies while maintaining the image of the hotel is what I do and I am thankful to have a mentor who is ever ready to share her knowledge and teach me as we go along.

Having said that, I also had the opportunity to host plenty media of media friends for reviews and events within the hotel and created plenty of collaboration opportunities from photo shoots to video shoots and contest giveaways.


Here’s a photo shoot I coordinated, assisted and was part of which was fun and tiring at the same time! Spend two full days creating a ton of content and it was honestly all very exciting.

Christmas is a big deal for the hotel and it is seen as the event of the year with preparation works and brainstorming starting as early as May/June. It is truly an experience going through two Christmas cycles with the hotel and seeing how the yearly concepts come to live in the lobby.



the-nat-channel-christmas-tree-lighting-ceremony -media-appreciation.jpg

It is also one of the busiest time of the year, not only hotel occupancy wise but also corporate wise where you’d say a big thank you to your clients and media partners for the support and business throughout the year and this is also when we host our annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony to mark the start of the ever busy festive season.

My time in the hotel wasn’t all glamorous as we do give back to society, hosting a range of corporate social responsibility programs during Christmas and Hari Raya. For Christmas, we’d invite our beloved guests to pick a star from the tree and buy a present for that particular child from the pediatric unit in Hospital Kuala Lumpur whom we’d hand deliver the presents to right before Christmas.


If I could only share the images of their faces when they receive the presents from us, you’d be able to tell that we have made their day and Christmas less mundane for them.

Something less depressing and more exciting would also be when we collaborated with the Fire, Safety and Rescue department to host a fire safety workshop for underprivileged kids.


Apart from that we also have employee engagement activities where we’d have an employee gathering every alternate month in the ballroom and every department takes turn to select a day in the month and be the replacement chefs in the cafeteria to lighten the mood.


Also attended a bunch of training sessions from CPR to Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Shifting Gears. I am grateful for all the opportunities given to me and I am glad that my experience in my first hotel was a rather pleasant one and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me from this stepping stone.

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