Khao Yai, Thailand

I’ve been to Bangkok almost 10 times now and this is my first time venturing out of the city and it was a great relaxing time until I don’t feel like I’m in Thailand. I hired a driver through Klook and he was very accommodating, on time and made the trip a very smooth one.

Here is a glimpse of Khao Yai and some places of interest which you should put on your list:

Castle Restaurant at Thames Valley

Read more about Thames Valley here for if you’re looking to stay a night in Khao Yai.


Palio Village

A very European inspired village with eatery and small shop lots, selling clothing, food, art, etc.



There’s even a very pretty inn here but it was closed for renovation when I visited.


Birder’s Lodge Cafe

Truly a super Instagramable cafe and worth visiting because every corner is photo-worthy.




Farmer’s Market

This is right opposite the Birder’s Lodge and they sell fresh produces.


PB Wine Valley

Didn’t think Thailand produces wine but hey, this is a very beautiful place for a relaxed afternoon or evening


And that’s a wrap! I know there are plenty of other options out there but these are some I personally visited and think its worth visiting.

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